My review of -Slumber Party Succubus (Supernatural Transgender Erotica) written by Sakura von Sternberg


First off. I love this cover. It’s perfect. 100% perfect.


Alexa and Isabelle have an annual tradition that has continued since the early days of their friendship: an all-night slumber party filled with junk food, box wine, and bad horror movies. Even as adults, the two continue their slumber parties with pride… but now things have become a little more complicated. Alexa, a trans girl with a love for high fashion and eighties slasher movies, harbors a long-unrequited crush on Isabelle, a cis girl. She doesn’t want to say anything or act on those impulses. They’ve been friends for a long time. The last thing Alexa wants to do is wreck their friendship. But she’s having a hard time keeping this a secret.

But that’s not all. Somehow, Alexa and Isabelle have summoned an ancient succubi—a sexually insatiable phallogyne—to their party. She comes to them looking for erotic pleasure… and quite possibly takes more from them than either could imagine.

Alexa and Isabella are brought to her as sacrificial lambs… but will leave dumbstruck, sexually fulfilled, and changed forever. They will experience pleasures beyond the limits of human imagination… and ecstasy that can only come to those who are already damned!

This 16,000+ word novelette contains adult material that may not be suitable for all audiences, including scenes of a TS/TS/F liaison. It contains explicit depictions of sexual acts. All characters are at least 18 years of age, and this story is intended only for mature audiences.


Now for my review –

A great beginning to this story streamlined into one hell of a smooth ride. The visuals in this story were intense. I felt like I was right there. Seriously. It was breathtakingly, hauntingly beautiful.

I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve Ardat – Lile!

Sakura has once again showed why she is my absolute favorite erotica author. Which isn’t an easy feat mind you. There are numerous highly talented erotica writers out there.

Sakura von Sternberg is like Websters fucking dictionary. I sweat every time I read one of her stories I learn at least two or three words. Knowledge is power. So now I’m powerful and ultra-horny. Whahooo!

This story didn’t let up for a moment. Not for one damn second, and I love that.

There were some minor errors. An added letter here, a missing letter or word there…but that’s about it really. Nothing major or harmful at all.

The oral sex was ridiculously hot. Holy fucking hell was it good.

Also, the story was sweet.. morbid, but sweet. Aiding in that sweetness was the kissing. It was sensual and as hot as the sun. Seriously, solar flares were looping off the page.

*sighs* Golly gee I love a good hand-job.


*wakes up* Someone grab me a fucking Gatorade! Stat!

Okay, I’m good. Back to my review.

The best sex I’ve read in a longtime rests within this book. It’s sizzling.

And that ending…. I LOVED THAT ENDING!!!!!!!!!

5 out of 5  Succubus Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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